Photo by Playgrounds for Palestine

With funds from the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) and other private donors, Playgrounds for Palestine installed a playground in Nahr El-Bared Refugee Camp, Lebanon in 2008.

In May 2007, Nahr El-Bared Refugee Camp, home to 40,000 Palestinian refugees, became the site of a 4-month battle between the Lebanese Army and Fatah al-Islam group. During this time 23 Palestinians living in this camp were killed. 31,000 refugees were displaced again.

The families in Nahr El-Bared have been slowly moving back and repairing their temporary homes in the refugee camp. This playground is part of the rebuilding effort.

To date, only 10,000 have been allowed to return and the remaining 21,000 are still refugees two times over.

During the intense fighting, MECA donated $5,000 to the Nahr El-Bared Relief Campaign to meet the immediate needs of families who were forced out of the refugee camp.