Photo by S. Smith Patrick

King Faisal Park is located next to Balata Refugee Camp in the northern West Bank. The Middle East Children’s Alliance and the Welfare Association built this park in the 1990s as part of the Playgrounds for Peace initiative.

The play area is built around the theme of Old Nablus. The main pathway in the park becomes the main street of the miniature Old City of Nablus with its plazas and courtyards. At the end of the Old City, a new city emerges, where children can climb, slide, and explore. The pathway goes to the main entrance of the park where it becomes a ramp to provide wheelchair access. Along the ramp are playhouses and under the ramp, there are playcaves, similar to the caves found throughout Nablus. Also along the ramp, is a play fountain which simulates the springs in the mountains which provide water to the Nablus valley. The water runs into a spray pool where children can play in warm weather. Beside the water is a construction area where children can build their own playhouses. There is also a shaded area under a tree for infants to play, separated from the more active areas.