Israel has been bombing Gaza since October 7, 2023. It has cut off electricity, food, water, and other basic necessities. Israeli government and military officials are openly talking about ethnic cleansing and they are bombing homes, schools, mosques, clinics and hospitals. Children, journalists, and medical workers have been killed and gravely injured.

The Middle East Children’s Alliance has a remarkable and courageous team on the ground made of staff, volunteers, and our partner organizations who are responding to the urgent needs of children and families under attack.

Supporting Displaced Families

MECA's team and partners in Gaza are procuring food and hygiene supplies from stores, warehouses, factories, and farmers and delivering them to displaced families EVERY SINGLE DAY. MECA’s network of grassroots community organizations throughout Gaza is able to reach displaced families who are with friends, relatives, neighbors, and in informal shelters like community centers and cafes.

To date we have delivered:
- Food parcels to 277,100 people with essential food staples and even fresh produce & poultry from farmers where it is available
- Hygiene kits to 173,500 people with soap, shampoo, wet wipes, toilet paper, diapers (as needed), and women's sanitary supplies
- 634,012 gallons of clean drinking water distributed to displaced families from MECA's water purification units, millions more gallons provided to families sheltering at UN schools where we have installed water purification units

Powering Hospitals

Gaza relies on Israel for 80% of its electricity. Since October 7, the Israeli government has cut off electricity to Gaza leaving everyone with only 3-4 hours of electricity each day supplied by the Gaza power plant. On October 11, the power plant ran out of fuel and has stopped running leaving much of Gaza in darkness.

MECA provided funds to three hospitals in Gaza to purchase emergency supplies of fuel for their generators to ensure they can continue treating patients during this emergency.

We've also provided a grant to one hospital to purchase additional medicine and medical supplies needed for the huge influx of injured patients.

Special support for children

"When we play during the session we forget the terrifying scenes, we want to play and enjoy our lives." - one of the children participating in psychosocial sessions in a shelter

In this emergency situation with the bombs still falling, we are unable to organize long-term mental health programs. But one of our local partners is providing psychosocial support to displaced children in shelters through group games and activities with a special emphasis on children with disabilities. Their trained staff are working in shelters in all three southern governates in Gaza.

MECA partners have also distributed 2,000 toys and coloring books to children in Gaza, including for injured children being treated at one of our partner hospitals.

Emergency Winter Relief

As the first rains hit Gaza in mid-November, MECA partners quickly sprang to action distributing plastic sheeting to cover broken windows, leaking roofs, and cover makeshift shelters for people outdoors.

To date, we have distributed
-980 large plastic sheets
-3400 blankets
-7,000 sets of warm clothes for children

We have just bought warm clothes for another 7,000 children to distribute in the coming days.