MECA provided the funds for the construction of this playground which was designed and built by Riwaq: Centre for Architectural Conservation, which revitalizes the historic centers of Palestinian villages and help families move back in.

When MECA staff visited Rantis in August 2016, the playground was nearly complete. As we drove north from Ramallah, along with all the ugliness of the occupation, we also got a chance to see beautiful terraced hillsides with their hand-built rock walls and the impressive campus of Birzeit University. When we pulled off the main road to enter the village, we found an Israeli military jeep. A soldier made us stop so they could set up a what’s called a “flying checkpoint” complete with rolls of razor wire and soldiers looking through the scopes of their guns. We handed over our IDs and explained why we were there. We drove directly to the playground site which only needed sand and rubber sheets to be complete. Our favorite part is a large snakes and ladders game painted on the ground so the kids can be the playing pieces.

Just a few weeks later, the playground opened and is now enjoyed by the kids at a nearby preschool & kindergarten and the surrounding neighborhood.