Gaza Emergency

Amidst the ongoing attack on Gaza, MECA team and partners are providing emergency assistance to families who have fled their homes to seek shelter with relatives as well as procuring emergency medical supplies for hospitals and clinics.

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Beyond donating, we urge you to TAKE ACTION to stop the genocide in Gaza:


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Third Annual Ride for Palestine

Join us Sunday, July 21 for our Third Annual Ride for Palestine, a day of solidarity along the 14-mile scenic... Read More >

Project Updates

Emergency Aid for Gaza – 2023/2024

Israel has been bombing Gaza since October 7, 2023. It has cut off electricity, food, water, and other basic necessities.... Read More >

Emergency Aid for Jenin Refugee Camp

Attack on Jenin Between July 3 and July 4, Israeli occupation forces carried out an extensive and brutal attack on... Read More >

The Blog

Yes! MECA is still delivering aid to people in Gaza

For eight long and horrifying months, MECA staff, partners, and volunteers in Gaza have been taking enormous risks every day... Read More >

This Nakba Commemoration is Different

Today we mark the 76th anniversary of the Nakba, the “catastrophe,” in which three-quarters of the indigenous Palestinian population was... Read More >

What People Are Saying

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They do incredible work, courageous work of enormous significance for major problems. The problems facing children under occupation and under military attack. And they have had a great record of success…

NOAM CHOMSKY, American Linguist, Philosopher, Cognitive Scientist, Historian, Social Critic and Activist

MECA has been phenomenal at making sure there’s solidarity for Palestine among people around the world. Making sure that solidarity is felt, that it gives peoople sustenance, the ability to resist, and to maintain their dignity.

Diana Buttu, Palestinian Human Rights Lawyer and Activist

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