Life in East Jerusalem is very hard for Palestinian children who face violent Israeli settlers, soldiers, and the possibility of being arrested or losing their homes. MECA’s partner Madaa Silwan—and other partners throughout Palestine and Lebanon—run summer camps that provide joy and adventure!

Thank you for standing in solidarity with people in Palestine and Lebanon through another very difficult year. We are thrilled to announce that 698 donors from around the world helped us reach our year-end goal and unlock two matching donations totaling $70,000 for MECA’s work in 2022.

We hope that 2022 will bring us closer to justice for children and refugees all over the world.

A few weeks ago we sent you MECA’s 10 Best Photos of 2021 and asked you to vote for your favorite. The winning photo is the one above of the girl “flying” and experiencing the exuberance of childhood–a fitting emblem of MECA’s work.

Be well and all best wishes for the New Year.

From all of us at the Middle East Children’s Alliance
Deborah, Ghada, Jody, Josie, Mona, Nancy, Patrick, Penny, Samia, Voulette, Waed, Wafaa, Zak, and Zeiad