Malnutrition is a growing threat to Palestinian children but hundreds of kindergarteners in Gaza are now getting fresh, healthy meals every day thanks to the PaliRoots Meal Program, a joint initiative between MECA and PaliRoots.
Young people at the Shoruq (“sunrise”) organization in Dheisheh refugee camp, Palestine study and perform debka, the traditional Palestinian dance.
MECA staff and volunteers in Gaza visited homes and shelters during and the eleven days of Israeli bombings in May 2021 to find out what people needed most and bring food parcels, clean water, hygiene kits, and more.
Children helped plant trees for the new park and playground in Khuza’a, Gaza.
In 2021, MECA staff and partners distributed 16,200 food parcels to the most vulnerable families in Palestine and Lebanon with fresh produce from local farmers and other necessities.
These kids are delighted with their cozy winter jackets—part of MECA’s annual winter relief campaign to provide warm clothes, blankets, shoes, socks, heaters, and weather protection for homes in Gaza and Lebanon’s refugee camps.
Life in East Jerusalem is very hard for Palestinian children who face violent Israeli settlers, soldiers, and the possibility of being arrested or losing their homes. MECA’s partner Madaa Silwan—and other partners throughout Palestine and Lebanon—run summer camps that provide joy and adventure!
After major setbacks caused by the pandemic and Israeli bombardment, the Maia Project resumed installation of water purification and desalination units in schools in Gaza.
Artisans in the Bethlehem area continue the craft of olive wood carving. MECA sells these and other beautiful Palestinian products as a way to support artisans, farmers, and cooperatives in Palestine. You can purchase online at
6,000 children in Gaza started the 2021 school year with pride in their new backpacks made in a local factory and filled with books and school supplies. One third-grader said, “I never expected that I would have my new bag and tools like my friends. This is what I was hoping for."

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