Me with one of the music students and the teacher practicing on the keyboard

Today I visited a music project for Palestinian children living Gaza that MECA is supporting. When I saw the children practicing singing and playing musical instruments full of  enthusiasm in their hearts and eyes, I wished I had had this opportunity to sing when I was a student at school.

I remember when we were children we never sang. We did not dance. We didn’t practice sports or even paint. All we did was to read school books. We were deprived of any art and sports classes. So the most difficult question that can be asked of me or those in the same age in Gaza is “What are your hobbies?” In fact, we have not tried anything to choose which is our favorite.

Music students in Gaza during class

I loved listening to the kids singing. They were like butterflies flying in the sky. They sang loudly for love, peace and beauty.

Before witnessing the children during their music lessons today, I was more interested in projects that provide the basic needs of life. I thought these needs are food, medicine, water, electricity and education – all things that we provide as MECA. Today I realized that music and singing are also basic needs for children.

Music is a good means for children to release their stress especially in such difficult conditions in Gaza Strip. Music brings their attention away from violence and improves their psychological and spiritual well-being.