By Amal Abu Moailqe, former MECA staff member and co-founder of Sketch Engineering

The airstrikes on Gaza Strip on Thursday left more destruction and fear. Our office “Sketch” was damaged by the bombing nearby. Sketch office is located in the middle of the Gaza Strip surrounded by 3 universities, and many schools and international organizations. It is obvious that Israel knowingly and deliberately targets heavily populated areas and important infrastructure in Gaza.

Our office was established 5 years ago after the 2014 war on Gaza Strip by 6 new graduates and entrepreneurs. Sketch’s team is now 20 Palestinians. Most of them are engineers and technicians. We provide services to more 1630 poor families in Gaza Strip in a project that provides lights to families who live under Israeli military occupation and siege. Our goal is to re-build the hope in life. Imagine our feeling to see five years of efforts destroyed in minutes.

We wonder what we have done to deserve this? Who is responsible for destroying our hopes and dreams?