March 22nd is World Water Day.
A day the United Nations has designated to focus on solutions to the right of all people to have safe, clean water

My name is Ghada and I’m MECA’s Maia Project Coordinator in Gaza. I’m asking you to join MECA’s Children’s Circle with a monthly gift to help bring clean water to thousands of Palestinian children.

When you join this special group of supporters, you’ll help make sure children in Gaza have water to drink at school every day. And you’ll help MECA meet the other urgent needs of Palestinian children and refugees from Syria—all year round.

As a special thank-you for joining the Children’s Circle with a contribution of any amount you choose, we would be pleased to send you a special gift handmade by women in Gaza.

Ten years ago, MECA launched the Maia Project to address the water crisis in Gaza–the result of decades of Israel’s occupation, blockade, and destruction of infrastructure. Since then, we have installed state-of-the-art water purification and desalination units to provide safe, clean water for more than 90,000 children in kindergarten, elementary, and middle schools throughout the Gaza Strip.

When you become a monthly donor, you’ll help sustain all MECA’s vital projects to improve the children’s lives, including the Maia Project. For example:

$5 a month could provide materials for an educational workshop on water conservation and water rights

$10 a month could purchase a UV disinfection device to help clean the water from harmful pollutants

$25 a month could purchase a high-pressure pump for a kindergarten with 150-400 children

$50 a month could cover the maintenance for a unit at a kindergarten for a full year so 150-400 children continue to access safe, clean water

$100 a month could cover the maintenance for a unit at an elementary school for a full year so 1,800 children continue to access safe, clean water

It’s World Water Day and 97% of Gaza’s ground water is polluted but MECA is able to provide children with safe, clean water every day.
Please join the Children’s Circle now and receive a special gift handmade by women in Gaza.

Your Children’s Circle gifts will be truly a gift of health and life for Palestinian children who are growing up in terribly harsh conditions.



Shukran (Thank you),

Ghada Mansi
MECA Maia Project Coordinator
Gaza, Palestine






P.S. In Arabic we have a saying for a universal truth— Biddun maia, fish heyya “Without water, there is no life.” Please join MECA’s Children’s Circle to give children in Gaza one of the most basic things every child needs to survive. Many thanks.