MECA hosted two compelling events this month:

Ahmed Abu Artema with MECA Director Zeiad Abbas Shamrouch and AFSC staffer Jehad Abusalim

On March 7, we were excited to collaborate with the American Friends Service Committee in presenting one of the key organizers of the Gaza Great March of Return, Ahmed Abu Artema. A Palestinian journalist and refugee, Ahmed spoke about the restoration of Palestinian rights, and more, to a packed and enthusiastic crowd. It was especially moving to get to hear in person from someone so directly involved in the Great March. Palestinian activist/scholar Jehad Abusalim, who is completing his Ph.D. at NYU, joined Ahmed in their national speaking tour, “Hashtag to Headlines: How the Gaza Great March of Return Challenged the World!”

On March 14, in celebration of International Women’s Day & Month, we hosted a screening of the film “Naila and the Uprising,” about Palestinian women’s leadership in the first Intifada. The film focuses on the story of fierce and committed activist Naila Ayesh. After the film, it was a special treat to hear MECA director Zeiad Abbas, and Arab Resource & Organizing Center Director Lara Kiswani, speak and answer questions; Zeiad himself lived through the first Intifada, and Lara spoke as a younger generation leader reflecting on that historical moment, as well as on the Palestinian struggle today.