Maintenance complete for this water purification unit and children are enjoying the clean water!

Before the new school year began, I visited 75 schools and kindergartens throughout Gaza that have Maia Project units to provide clean drinking water for the children. On these visits, I tested the water quality, checked the filters, and arranged for maintenance work on all the water purification units.
I carried out this work in a very bad situation. I always like to say positive things because I believe that positivity leads to a positive situation. But, I’m sorry to say, I am gradually losing this belief.
In Gaza, we have no safety, closed borders, lack of electricity and water, high poverty and unemployment, and hot weather. Our children are deprived of all their rights. During the summer break, I say a lot of them working by selling candy in the street to help their families.

Routine maintenance on one of the Maia Project water purification units in Gaza

But I feel proud when I see children come to school get clean drinking water from our units in school and bring it back to their homes.

I hope that things will get better soon and our children will have their basic rights like any children in the world.