Maya Odeh, received her nursing degree with the help of a MECA Scholarship from the Elly Jaensch Memorial Scholarship Fund. She says, “I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that I’ve witnessed my mother’s tears of joy and appreciation more than one time when she saw how I didn’t have to carry the financial burden of getting an education and was lucky enough to only focus my studies, which gave me the opportunity to excel.”

Maya Odeh graduated from al-Makassed’s Nursing School in Jerusalem in June 2019. She received an MECA scholarship from the Elly Jaensch Memorial Scholarship Fund. Her desire to become a nurse came from a bittersweet experience. When Maya was young, her grandfather was very sick and spent lots of time in hospitals. He was cared for by several nurses, and his favorite nurse was named Maya. Her parents shared this story with her and said that he always prayed that his beloved granddaughter Maya would grow up to become an amazing nurse like nurse Maya. She liked the idea a career caring for sick people and also making her family proud.

Maya’s family lives in Silwan, East Jerusalem. They have a modest income but they would always try to do the impossible for their daughter so she could pursue her dreams. When Maya was awarded a MECA scholarship financial obstacles were no longer a source of stress for her family.

Maya’s academic journey doesn’t end here. She still wants to enhance her medical skills, learn more, and reach higher places. While pursuing further professional development, she plans to volunteer with organizations that support children in order to give back to her community and set an example for the children.