I live in Palestine with my husband and two small children so I get to see MECA’s work here firsthand.

I’d like to share a little bit about my life and work with you—and introduce you to some of the people whose lives you have changed.

I’ve seen how your support helps hundreds of Palestinian girls to find their voices through rap, videography or public speaking. I’ve heard from mothers how projects you support help their traumatized children to sleep through the night without waking up from nightmares. I’ve met children who were able to return to school after spending months under home arrest thanks to a team of special tutors and social workers.

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Even when I’m not working, I’m constantly reminded of the impact of MECA’s work.

A few days ago, while out for a walk, I ran into Um Hassan, the founder of a women’s initiative to provide healthy food for schoolchildren in her village. She told me again how much MECA’s support means to them and how our partnership encourages them to keep going.

In the spring, when I gave birth to my daughter, a young midwife came to check on me in the middle of the night. We immediately recognized each other. Haneen graduated last year from Bethlehem University and was able to pursue her dream, thanks to a MECA scholarship.

Medicine and medical aid, clean drinking water, weather protection. It’s easy to see how your support for MECA saves thousands of lives. But beyond this critical aid work—and just as important—your support changes lives too.

Your donation makes this work possible. Please, make a donation by midnight on December 31. MECA’s work is funded almost entirely by individuals.

Life in Palestine can be very hard but it gives me so much pleasure to see the many ways your support of MECA brings beauty and joy—along with real, lasting help—to thousands of children growing up under the brutal Israeli occupation.

Thank you & Happy New Year!

Josie Shields-Stromsness
MECA Program Director