MECA supports the Children of Al-Jalil Center (CJC) to provide academic classes, sports, psychological support, and humanitarian relief for Palestinian and Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Read the stories of a few of the children who attend classes at CJC:

Ahmed was born in Syria in 2011, when the war began. His family fled to Lebanon in 2014. Ahmed has five brothers and two sisters. His father and a sister both have cerebral arteriosclerosis, a serious and chronic brain disease. Ahmed says, “I always feel sad for my sister but I can’t help her.”
When Ahmed came to Al-Jalil Center he was aggressive with other children so he was referred to an organization that provides mental health care. A psychologist worked with Ahmed for seven months and he was able to play with other children, and express his needs clearly and calmly.

Hawas fled with his family from Syria to Lebanon in 2007 when he was four years old. Although he was very young when he left, he remembers his life in Syria and talks about bombs, snipers on the streets, killing, and kidnapping. Hawas participates in many activities at al-Jalil center but most of all he loves art and is very talented. He says, “I draw everything inside me, also nature, the sea and sunsets.”