Today is Giving Tuesday and I hope you’ll participate by making a gift of food for a family in Gaza.

As a MECA supporter, you know how Israel’s occupation and blockade have devastated the Palestinian economy. Now, with the spread of coronavirus and so many businesses shut down, there is a frightening level of hunger among the residents of Gaza.

Your contribution of $40 today will give a family rice, beans, and lentils, fresh local produce, poultry, and traditional foods. Please give now.

I feel so lucky to be working with MECA. I can support myself and help my family. And I am part of an amazing community of MECA’s staff, dedicated partners, and hundreds of volunteers committed to the future of Palestine.

Together, we have already purchased and delivered more than 7,000 food parcels this year to the most vulnerable families in Gaza.

This Giving Tuesday our goal is to raise $12,000 to provide 300 families in Gaza with fresh, nourishing food. Your gift will help alleviate hunger and malnutrition and support the steadfastness of Palestinian families.

Please can you contribute $40 in the next 24 hours so we can reach our goal?

Many thanks.
In solidarity,
Wafaa El Derawi
Gaza Project Assistant, Clinical Nutritionist

P.S. When you give you will also be supporting twenty local Gaza producers—farmers and women’s collectives—who are struggling to stay in business and provide for their families at this very difficult time. Thank you.