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Dear Friend,

I don’t go to the MECA office often these days. Like so many people, I’m still working at home. When I do go, I notice something different on my way. I pass a Goodwill store and a drop-in center for people who live on the street. There are cars and pick-up trucks lined up around the block with people waiting to donate.

I’m telling you this because it’s made me realize that this year, in the midst of so much loss and difficulty, many people want less stuff and more caring in their lives.

I’m asking you to make a gift in honor of someone in your life who cares about children and their future.

As a MECA supporter, I know you have deeply held values about justice and about protecting the lives of vulnerable people in your own community, and around the world.

I’m sure you have friends and family members who share those values. That’s why I’m asking you to give a gift of solidarity this year by making a contribution to the Middle East Children’s Alliance in honor of someone dear to you.

As Palestinians and refugees in Lebanon face the deadly pandemic with an economic and healthcare systems collapsing after decades years of war and occupation, your gift will feed a family, send a nurse to the home of an elder, provide a doctor with protective equipment, give a child a warm winter coat, allow a young student to get a degree, and more.

All of us at MECA wish you and those close to you joy and good health.

With gratitude,

Deborah Agre
MECA Development Director

P.S. When you make a gift in honor online, you can choose the image and words you’d like to send to the person you’re honoring. Many, many thanks.