August 17-19 at The Costume Shop, ACT, 1117 Market Street in San Francisco
Tickets $15 – $20 available through Brown Paper Tickets, no tickets available at the door

The one person show My Name is Rachel Corrie, edited from Rachel’s emails and journal entries by the late Alan Rickman and Katherine Viner chronicles the life of the 23 year old American peace activist. In January 2003 Rachel traveled to Gaza with the International Solidarity Movement to defend Palestinian homes and water resources from being demolished. Just weeks after her arrival, on March 16th, 2003, she was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer while protecting her host family’s home from being destroyed by the Israeli army.

Over the course of the play we witness Rachel mature from an insightful young girl, to a scattered adolescent immersed in the manic search for self, to a young woman determined to pursue peace and justice in a place she’s never been for people she’s never met. We witness the awakening of her personal and political consciousness as she constantly questions her place in the world, her privilege, what it means to be an American, and ultimately, what it means to stand up for something even if you are standing alone.

This award winning, critically acclaimed show is performed by actor Ashley Malloy. Malloy has performed in 60 cities nationwide, often sponsored by chapters of Jewish Voice for Peace, Students for Justice in Palestine and small but mighty progressive theater companies. Ashley has performed at North Carolina State Co/Immediate Theatre Project in Asheville NC, Resurrection Theater Company in Sacramento, CA, as well as universities such as Johns Hopkins, Vassar, Brown, Cornell, University of Chicago, and at Rachel’s school, The Evergreen State College, just to name a few. The show has been presented at the annual National End the Occupation conference in Washington DC. Rachel’s parents Craig and Cindy Corrie have attended several of Ashley’s performances and continue to support her work on the piece, and in March of 2014 the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice invited Ashley to perform the play in Rachel’s hometown of Olympia, WA, in honor of the 11th anniversary of her death. Malloy is a rising third year in American Conservatory Theater’s MFA Acting program in San Francisco.

Malloy’s portrayal of each and every stage of Corrie’s development is immaculate. Within the space of about 90 minutes, she smoothly moves the character from a franticly earnest youth to an extremely bewildered but present and determined and articulate young adult.-Rochester City Newspaper

[Malloy’s] youthful energy is electric, and she builds knowledge and awareness with her character in a progression that is subtle and transfixing.Malloy conveys the tragedy of all the people touched in this story, a Palestinian gardener, Rachel’s mother, Rachel at various stages in life, with acute sensibility.-New York Theatre Guide

My Name is Rachel Corrie, starring Ashley Malloy, runs August 17th-19th in American Conservatory Theater’s Costume Shop Theater at 1117 Market Street, San Francisco.

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