It is the 100 year anniversary of Balfour Declaration. For us, the Palestinian people, it is a black and cursed day that laid the foundation for the 31 years later when Israel was founded with the political support of the Balfour Declaration and the brutal ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. 535 villages and towns were destroyed – their inhabitants were forced to leave their homeland. In total about 800,000 became refugees. Balfour for us is the start of our Nakba (Catastrophe).

Today I joined a rally at Manchester University and marched to a big protest outside Manchester Hilton at the same time as British Zionists and prominent British politicians were commemorating and celebrating the Balfour Declaration. We continued our protest for 2 hours. Our message was clear and was heard loudly by the dinner guests as we chanted and denounced Israel’s state terrorism and killing of Palestinian children which is all an outcome of Britain’s colonial legacy.

We are many and you are few.