Dear Friends,

My name is Josina. I work at MECA in Palestine, so I often visit MECA partner projects and see first-hand the vital work they are doing.

Most years, I have the pleasure of joining the Tree Planting Project and that’s why I’m writing you today.

You probably know that today is Giving Tuesday. November 29th is also the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

I’m asking you demonstrate your solidarity today by planting trees in Palestine and supporting an agricultural and cultural legacy that goes back thousands of years.

Girl holding an olive sapling on a planting dayYou can plant a tree and support resistance in Palestine by making a contribution of $5 today.

MECA is working with partners in Palestine to plant 3,500 olive trees and 500 grape vines in dozens of villages throughout the West Bank during Palestinian planting season from December through March.

You can help protect the livelihoods of thousands of Palestinian families who rely on olive trees to support themselves in the face of Israeli land theft, settler attacks, military incursions, the poisoning and uprooting ancient trees.

Palestinians often use the word “sumoud” or steadfastness to describe their determination to stay on their land and win their freedom. The olive tree is the symbol of sumoud because, as Jamal Juma’, Director of MECA’s partner Stop the Wall, says:

“Its roots are deeply entangled with the ground on which the trees grow. Olive trees in Palestine remain strong and green for generations, like the pride and dignity of the Palestinian people.”

With much appreciation for your solidarity and your support.

Josina Shields-Stromsness
Program Director

P.S. With the holidays approaching, you can give the gift of a tree in Palestine in honor or in memory of a loved one. MECA will send a card by email to notify the person you designate. Thank you.