Dear Friend of MECA,

As you may know, I have been a supporter of the Middle East Children’s Alliance since the beginning.

I‘m about to turn 94 and I have been fighting and writing about the brutality of US imperialism for most of my adult life. The magnitude of suffering is almost unbearable, particularly the suffering of children. And in the Middle East it’s been especially severe.

The good news is that MECA is alive and well and is continuing to do the marvelous work it’s been doing for more than thirty years.

I’m asking you to make the most generous year-end contribution you can afford to MECA to meet the urgent needs of Palestinian children and refugees in Lebanon.

Donate now

I’ve been pleased—and in fact honored—to lend what support I can to MECA. They do incredible, courageous work of enormous significance for children under occupation and under military attack.

As you know, children and refugees in Palestine and Lebanon urgently need food, clean water, and education. They also need the chance to just be children and a future of safety and peace.

Please, make your contribution now of $25 or the most you can afford, to protect the health, lives and rights of thousands of children who are suffering a great deal.

Many, many thanks.


Noam Chomsky
MECA Founding Advisor and Supporter

P.S. I have come to count on MECA to come to the aid of children in the Middle East who are facing the direst circumstances. Since 1988, MECA has gotten the help that’s needed most to the children who need it, despite enormous obstacles. I hope you will join me again in supporting MECA by making the most generous year-end contribution year-end contribution you can afford. Thank you.