Jenin Freedom Theatre is a cultural center in Jenin Refugee Camp, Palestine, which offers a range of cultural activities, including drama workshops, theatre performances, a three-year professional Theatre School and training in stage management, photography, filmmaking and creative writing.


No Place to Play

Overcrowding and fifty years of Israeli military occupation have forced children spend their time between camp spaces that are either too cramped or too dangerous. The streets are the site of frequent violent incursions by both Palestinian security forces and the Israeli military, increasing the risk of arrest or injury to children, and exposing them to community violence, drugs, and other physical and psychological dangers.

Location: Jenin Refugee Camp, West Bank, Palestine

Jenin camp, population 14,000, borders the Jenin municipality and is the northernmost camp in the West Bank. In 2002 when the Israeli army invaded the camp, at least 52 Palestinians were killed and more than 400 homes were destroyed, leaving one quarter of the residents homeless. Unemployment and poverty rates in Jenin are among the highest of the 19 West Bank refugee camps. Many residents previously relied upon work in Israel, which has been severely curtailed since the construction of the Separation Wall and the implementation of the permit regime. Unemployment and poverty has affected the youth especially, resulting in widespread frustration and contributing to higher school dropout rates.