In 2015, MECA made a grant to the Union of Health Work Committees to purchase and install a new elevator and medical equipment for Al-Awda Hospital in Jabalia, Gaza. Funds for this project were raised by Dr. Norman Finkelstein and the Byline Team with support of 1031 individuals. The elevator is essential for the treatment of patients, especially in emergency situations, and the new equipment for surgical procedures will serve thousands of patients each year receive referrals from UNRWA and other health facilities in Gaza.

Al-Awda Hospital

Al-Awda Hospital, which provides essential medical services to people in Gaza, was badly damaged during an assault on the refugee camp in 2015 and has just been able to begin rebuilding. The hospital includes emergency, gynecology and obstetrics, endoscope, surgical, intensive care, neonatal intensive care departments as well as outpatient clinics.