Two girls smile through bars of a climbing structureThe Gaza Playground, built in the heart of Gaza City, is a re-creation of the days when Gaza was at the crossroads of trade caravan trails. The design incorporated an old play area as the caravan route into Gaza. There are many obstacles to overcome before reaching your destination: caravan wagons to climb, net bridges to cross, camel play-structures at the oasis which features a water play area, and, finally a maze that takes you into the crossroads. At the crossroads there is a play sculpture fountain with a giant chess set and a large area for sitting and picnicking. Beside the sitting area is a covered space for infants that opens up into a seaside village with a large boat for play and a big spray pool with an archaeological dig. Alongside the sea village are areas for textiles and weaving, a clay mine, a place to make pottery, and an olive orchard with an olive press.

The park and playground were a joint project of the Middle East Children’s Alliance and the Welfare Association in the 1990s.