Fadi Fahd/Flash90. Palestinians evacuate the wounded from Israeli air strikes in Gaza City on November 12, 2019

People in Gaza are in need of your urgent support!

The health services in Gaza are in a state of emergency. After years of a tightening blockade, the hospitals and clinics are lacking many life saving and emergency medications. In Gaza, we have to always be ready for another attack. We need the right supplies in the hands of our doctors and health workers so they can provide life saving help during Israeli assaults.

And even in a “normal” situation—though the situation in Gaza with polluted water, few hours of electricity, and closed borders is not normal—we face one emergency after another.

I have heard a lot of stories from my medical colleagues who are working in many hospitals across the Gaza Strip about the shortage of medicine. MECA helped our partners with a shipment of medicine to Gaza a few months ago. Those supplies were critical in treating patients in hospitals and medical facilities during the latest assault against Gaza.

But hospital storage facilities are nearly empty now and your response is highly appreciated to help us to continue our work in Gaza and to support hospitals now and in the future.

The burden is heavy but together we can carry it.


In solidarity,
Dr. Mona El-Farra
Director of Gaza Projects
Middle East Children’s Alliance

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