The rubble from a home in the street in front of Shajaia Elementary School when I visited on Saturday.

Because you are from Gaza, you can’t live as a human, you can’t drink clean water because more than 97% of water is polluted, you can’t use electricity for more than 6 hours per day, you can’t travel easily. Because you are from Gaza, you can’t do many things.

Because you are from Gaza, you can’t live a normal life. You should be afraid for yourself, for your family, for your friends and for your dreams. In one cursed minute an Israeli missile will take everything.

In Gaza, nothing good is guaranteed. Even your beautiful memories are lost to the sounds of war. You can’t hear anything over the loud, ugly sounds of missiles, crying children, and blaring sirens  of ambulances and fire engines. Last week in Gaza, I was awake all night listening to the sounds of war. I heard the terrifying boom when the air raids hit the home of the Al Mahous family and killed eight people in my hometown of Deir El-Balah.

Because you are from Gaza, you don’t have any guarantee that you will live. This weekend I visited a school where MECA built a water purification unit and found the school had been badly damaged by Israeli missiles targeting a home next to the school. I asked myself “What if I had been there checking the water at the school or organizing workshops for the students on the water crisis?” No place is safe in Gaza. Instead we live to count the days, months and years that we can’t enjoy our lives.

We are humans. We have dreams, we are innovative, and we have beautiful minds. We can thrive but just we need the chance to live.

Because we are from Gaza, do you think we don’t deserve to live?

I took this photo on Saturday when I went to visit Shajaia Elementary School where MECA provided a water purification unit. The school was badly damaged in the attacks.