Boy on slide

Photo by: S. Smith Patrick

Al-Bireh Park, built in Ramallah’s twin city, is based on the cultural and topographical terrain of Palestine. The high northeast corner represents the mountains of Golan where the water spring forth to form the Jordan River which flows through the entire site. The river Jordan runs down through the farm area with stone huts, olive presses, and other farm activities and into the orchards of Jericho. The river flows into the Sea of Galilee, a quiet area with live fish and then drops into a waterfall and crosses the main path into the Dead Sea. On one side of the Sea is an archaeological dig with a water tower and an adventure net bridge across the river. At the end of the Sea is the caravan route through the trading town and into the nomadic village. There are three adventure ways to enter the village: by slide, by tube, or by cable ride. Near the village are swings and other playground equipment.

The park and playground were part of the Middle East Children’s Alliance’s Playgrounds for Peace project in partnership with the Welfare Association.