Students at Abasan Girls school in Gaza during the World Water Day event organized by MECA

MECA’s team in Gaza organized an event for World Water Day in Abasan Girls Preparatory School in Khan Younis, one of 73 schools where MECA has installed a water purification and desalination unit through the Maia Project.

First the students at the school made a simple ceremony which included a performance focused on water.

We did face painting and fun activities after the workshop

Then I led awareness workshops for students including important topics related to water such as the causes of water problems in Palestine, percentage of water pollution in Gaza, and rationing water use. I also explained about the Maia Project and how the Maia units work.

After that we activated the students through interactive games and some fun activities in cooperation with MECA partner Never Stop Dreaming Association.

It was an amazing day we enjoyed it all while sharing a lot of information about water.