We are so pleased to announce the arrival of two new staff members as MECA’s work continues to expand. Zak Habash and Voulette Hattar recently joined our team in Berkeley and will be sharing a range of responsibilities including managing the online shop, recruiting volunteers, bookkeeping, database maintenance, print production, and communications.

Voulette Hattar describes herself as a reader, a writer, an organizer, an educator, a passionate soul, a quiet revolutionary, and a product of the strong women who raised her. She was born in Amman, Jordan, the granddaughter of Palestinian refugees from Yafa. After moving to the U.S. with her family when she was a year old, Voulette graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in Ethnic Studies and Arabic and worked at Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association in Palestine. In addition to her position with MECA, Voulette is an organizer with the Palestinian Youth Movement in the Bay Area.

“MECA is a very special organization. The more I learn about all of the different programs that MECA supports, the more amazed I am by the scope and the impact that MECA’s work has, especially the work done by those on the ground in Palestine. I am honored and grateful to be a part of this incredible team.”




Zak Habash is an Arab-American who spent their childhood between Abu Dhabi, Lebanon, and the Midwest United States. They attended UC Berkeley and later transferred to the American University of Beirut to study agriculture. While in Lebanon, Zak worked with displaced peoples on projects aimed at growing food in their communities and strongly believes in self-empowerment. Zak hopes to get us all growing our own food. In their free time, they enjoy cooking, dancing, making art with natural objects and meeting new people.

“Solidarity with the people of Palestine has been a constant in my family going back to the Nakba when we hosted some of the first families displaced to Lebanon. I’m very excited to be working with MECA, supporting and empowering our beautiful people back home.”