“We never brought a tank into the stage. We brought a play. This is why art is important; to open the way for people to agree or disagree, negotiate, talk.” — Playwright Nabil Al-Raee said on NPR.
CREDIT: Ian Douglas

The Siege tells the story of the 2002 siege on Bethlehem’s Holy Church of the Nativity, at the height of the Second Intifada, from the point of view of six Palestinian fighters who took refuge inside the church and were trapped there for 39 days. Co-directors Nabil Al-Raee and Zoe Lafferty spent several years developing the play, and Nabil crafted the script from interviews they conducted with fighters exiled to Europe and Gaza.

In October 2017. it was performed to an audience of 3,500 people in New York, as well as to five packed houses in Jenin Refugee Camp. The Siege opened the door not only to future Freedom Theatre productions, but to Palestinian works of art being produced more widely all over the U.S.