The so-called “Deal of the Century” tells Palestinian children, “You will never live as free people in your own land.”

The “Deal of the Century” solidifies the brutal conditions Palestinians have been living under since the last century and adds some things that will make daily life even worse. It violates children’s rights, human rights, and entrenches the Israeli Apartheid system. It continues the dehumanization of Palestinian children and strengthens the bars of the cages they live in.

If this “Deal” is implemented, Palestinians will be confined to Bantustans like the native Black population in South Africa before that Apartheid system was defeated.  They will be confined to small divided areas, separated from each other and from the rest of their country. They will be surrounded on all sides by the Israeli military but forbidden from having an army for their own defense.

Most Palestinians are refugees—from the very old, with their memories of expulsion to the very young who know their history. Today, a fourth generation of refugees are growing up in crowded, deteriorating refugee camps but at least they have had the internationally recognized right of return. The “Deal” would dissolve the right of return along with the UN agency (UNRWA) that refugees rely on for basic necessities.

Under the “Deal” Israel will continue to steal Palestinian land and water.  Without access to these vital natural resources, the future of Palestinian children will be stolen too. And the military  apparatus that kills, maims, and imprisons Palestinian children nearly every day will continue to act with impunity.

As always, MECA will stand in solidarity with Palestinian children and work to make sure their rights are respected and upheld. Just as Palestinians will never give up their homeland, MECA will not give up on the children.