Thank you & Happy New Year!

One year ago, we had no idea what a devastating year 2020 would be for children and refugees in Palestine and Lebanon. By March, we were wondering if MECA supporters would be able to provide the financial support MECA needed to address the enormous health and economic crises created by the coronavirus pandemic.

But thanks to you and thousands of other supporters around the world, we exceeded our fundraising goals for the year, including $75,000 in year-end donations that will be matched.

Thank you for your compassion and your generosity.

Heartfelt wishes for a joyful and healthy New Year that brings greater justice and freedom to all!

Barbara, Deborah, Ghada, Jody, Josie, Mona, Nadya, Nancy, Patrick, Penny, Samia, Susan, Waed, Wafaa, and Zeiad

P.S. In case you missed it, we hope you’ll check out the slideshow of 10 Uplifting Photos from MECA’s Projects in 2020. The initiatives they show wouldn’t be possible without your generous support.

Photo from MECA’s annual Gaza Winter Relief distribution of coats, socks, shoes and blankets in partnership with ZamZam Water and PaliRoots. Your support keeps children warm and gives them much pride and delight.