Take Action now! Send a letter to congress and protect Palestinian children’s right to education

Dear MECA friends and supporters,

Please help protect Palestinians’ right to education and ensure that Israeli bulldozers do not reduce more Palestinian schools to rubble!

Two weeks ago, Israeli occupation soldiers raided Al-Maleh school in the northern Jordan Valley and demolished a new building under construction.

The Al-Maleh school was built at the end of 2020 as part of the Right to Education Campaign. The small school has only four classrooms, filled with kindergarten and elementary students from Khirbet Al-Maleh and the neighboring communities.

To increase the capacity of the school MECA partnered with Stop the Wall Campaign to construct one more classroom and a school clinic that Israeli occupation forces demolished and confiscated.

Last week, we visited Al-Maleh and the school children brought their books and signs to a protest demanding their right to education. Please stand with these children and take action now.

Earlier this year, when they received 1300 emails from constituents,
Senators and Representatives prevented the demolition of Al-Maleh school in the West Bank’s Jordan Valley! Despite a 96-hour demolition order, the school is standing!

But on October 25, 2021, the Israeli occupation forces confiscated a prefabricated classroom & clinic built by Stop the Wall in partnership with Middle East Children’s Alliance and took away the shade above the playground.

Join MECA & Rebuilding Alliance to ask Congress for their help to bring it back.


The Israeli occupation has a long and violent history of destroying schools and kindergartens serving Palestinian Bedouin communities throughout the Jordan Valley. These include the kindergarten in Khirbet Makhoul (2013), the school in Khirbet Samra (2012), and the school in Ras Al-Tin (2020). As of 2019, the Israeli occupation had given more than 42 schools in Area C orders to be partially or totally demolished. (Created by the Oslo Accords, Area C, which comprises 60 percent of the West Bank, is under complete Israeli control. Currently, an estimated 300,00 Palestinians and 400,000 Israeli settlers live there. In addition to withholding the right to education, Israel denies Palestinians in Area C adequate water, healthcare, and other basic human rights).

Denying Palestinian children their right to education in the Jordan Valley and other parts of Area C aims to displace Palestinians in violation of international law.

MECA has teamed up with Rebuilding Alliance to advocate for the return of the two rooms and playground shade for Al-Maleh school and for the dismissal of demolition orders against other Palestinian schools by asking Congress to help.

Please, take action now!

In solidarity,

All of us at MECA

Learn more! Read this new report from Stop the Wall on “Denial of education: An Israeli apartheid tool to annex the Jordan Valley”

If you are one of our supporters not living in the US, please email your own government officials and embassies in Israel. Below is a sample letter you can use.

Subject: Protect schools in the Jordan Valley from further Israeli demolition

We write to you to denounce Israel’s recent confiscation of two school rooms in Khirbet Al-Maleh on Monday, October 25, 2021, and to express concern over the looming demolition of 53 other Palestinian schools in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The school in Khirbet Al-Maleh was built in 2020 through the efforts of the Right to Education Campaign, launched by popular committees and Palestinian civil society organizations. The school serves students through fourth grade from the communities of Khirbet Al-Maleh, Al-Farsiya and Ein Al-Helweh. Prior to that, students had to travel to the school in Ein Al-Baida, 25 kilometers from their homes.

Recently, the Right to Education Campaign, together with the Stop the Wall Campaign and the Middle East Children’s Alliance, started construction on two more classrooms at Al-Maleh school. Through the construction of the classrooms, which are now reduced to rubble, we endeavored to increase the capacity of the Al-Maleh school, which consists of only four classrooms that serve 40 students.

The remaining four classrooms in Khirbet Al-Maleh and other four schools in the Jordan Valley—Khan Al-Ahmar, Fasayil Al-Fawqa, Arab Al-Ka’abneh and Ras Al-Auja—have received several demolition orders and face imminent demolition.

Denying Palestinians their right to education is part of Israel’s de facto and planned to de jure annexation of the Jordan Valley, in violation of international law, particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention and the UN Apartheid Convention (1973).

We urge you to ensure that the Palestinian right to education is respected by exerting pressure on the Israeli government to respect its legal obligations as an occupying power.

We urge you to take the following steps:

Use all diplomatic channels to demand Israeli authorities return the school rooms and shade for the playground in Al-Maleh and protected from future demolition and refrain from demolishing the schools of Khirbet Al-Maleh, Ras Al-Auja, Arab Al-Ka’abneh, Khan Al-Ahmar and Fasayil Al-Fawqa.

Visit Khirbet Al-Maleh, where the demolition took place, to emphasize your support of Palestinians’ human right to education in the Jordan Valley and throughout Palestine.

Issue a public statement for an immediate end to school demolitions and in defense of Palestinians’ right to education, in particular in the Jordan Valley and other areas in the process of de facto annexation and under continued threat of de jure annexation.

Please follow this link for further information: https://www.stopthewall.org/right2exist/denial-of-education-an-israeli-apartheid-tool-to-colonize-the-jordan-valley/

Looking forward to your urgent response

Yours sincerely,