Berkeley, CA: Palestinian Holiday Crafts Bazaar

Dec 07, 2019
Two days only! Saturday, December 7, 10am-5pm Sunday, December 8, 11am-3pm Facebook event A unique display of items from Palestine: award-winning Olive Oil, Pottery, Olive Wood Products, Embroidery, Shawls &...

Jelld Leather: Where community and beauty are brought together

Oct 02, 2019
Three friends with some extra free time is not always a bad thing, Ashraf, Ala, and Suhaib are proof of that. The three twenty-something young men from Hebron started a...
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The Fakhoury Family of Hebron: Making Pottery under Occupation

Jan 13, 2016
The Fakhoury Family in Hebron, Palestine has been making pottery for generations. In fact, the name Fakhoury even means “potter” in Arabic. MECA staff and delegation members have been visiting...
Stories of Our Work