The Fakhoury Family in Hebron, Palestine has been making pottery for generations. In fact, the name Fakhoury even means “potter” in Arabic. MECA staff and delegation members have been visiting and buying from their small shop for more than a decade—for personal use and to sell at our annual crafts bazaar and online. An enormous amount of high quality work is produced in the midst of aggressive Israeli settler expansion supported by a huge military presence that is a constant threat to the family, the workers, and their very existence. They are forced to bring in all their supplies including clay using hand trucks and wagons, since there is an Israeli military checkpoint on the road in front of the Fakhoury Family Pottery Shop.

Last summer, when Lucia Ippolito was visiting Palestine as part of a small MECA mural group, she was humbled by Mr. Fakhoury’s determination to keep his family’s home and workshop. “He told me about a Jewish Australian who offered him  $7 million to purchase his home. He said that he could never face his father in heaven if he sold it.”

U.S. sales are extremely important to the Fakhoury family. Purchase of pottery and other items from MECA directly benefit Palestinian artisans and help strengthen their communities. 

Visit Shop Palestine, MECA’s online store, to purchase pottery made by the Fakhoury family.