After months of intermittent lockdowns and social distancing measures, gatherings are once again permitted in Gaza. Thankfully there are only a handful of active cases of coronavirus in Gaza and all of them are people who returned to Gaza from abroad and are staying in quarantine centers, allowing the general population to resume life as usual.

With the easing of restrictions, MECA and our partners jumped in to organize fun days for hundreds of kids just before they returned to school. Here are a few photos and update from Dr. Mona El-Farra in Gaza:

I was in Khan Younis this morning. It was so touching to see the Palestinian children waving Lebanese and Palestinian flags in solidarity with Lebanon.

The situation in Gaza with the occupation and siege is difficult but the bright side of life is watching the well organized outdoor activities for children – including swimming!

The photos will tell you the story. The Ice Cream van handed the kids with the most delicious ice cream made by women in Gaza, lovely presents were handed to kids too.

In Rafah, Beit Hanoun and Nusierat Refugee Camp, the children enjoyed the Eid activities too and all are happy.