Palestinian Elder Man

This year marks the seventieth anniversary of the Nakba—the deliberate and systematic expulsion of more than 750,000 Palestinians during Israel’s creation.

My parents, my brother, and my sister were among these refugees who were forced to leave their homes and their villages.

For seventy years Palestinians have been struggling for freedom and justice. And for seventy years we’ve demanded our right to return to our original homes and villages.

What continues to give us hope after all these years? The strength and determination of the people on the ground—in the refugee camps and in the diaspora—along with the solidarity of people like you all over the world.

One clear demonstration of your solidarity with refugees is your support of MECA.

I’m asking you to make a special year-end contribution so that MECA can continue to protect the lives, health and rights of refugees from Palestine and Syria—especially children.

Your year-end gift will be matched up to a total of $90,000—so your impact will go twice as far.

Despite the fact that a majority of refugees are living in very bad conditions, your support again now will help make sure that children:

  • receive food, medicine, and clean water;
  • get psychological counseling, health check-ups, legal and academic help;
  • play soccer and basketball, create art and perform traditional dances;
  • learn about their history and cultural heritage;
  • write hip-hop songs, make videos, use computers, and more.

Seventy years ago, my family were farmers, growing our own food. Then we lost everything. We lost our homes, our grain fields, our olive orchards. The plants we grew for food and medicine. Open space where children could play. Our livelihood and our way of life.

Suddenly, we became refugees, waiting in long lines to get food from the UN.

Now, thanks to MECA supporters like you, thousands of Palestinian and Syrian refugee children are getting their basic needs met and the chance to taste childhood.

Please donate now to double your impact on many, many young lives.

Shukran (Thank you),

Zeiad Abbas Shamrouch
Executive Director