Dear Friend,

I returned to my home in Gaza last month after a long trip to the UK and Ireland.

Gaza, the place of contradictions.

Friends and supporters, with your help and support we keep hope alive. Please make the most generous gift you can now. It will be matched by generous MECA supporters in the US. It is very important for people in Gaza to feel your solidarity.
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In Gaza, we have the beautiful sea where fishermen struggle daily against nature and the restrictions imposed by Israeli occupation.

There are vast areas of agricultural land near the separation fence that have been destroyed. But the farmers do not give up, replanting olive trees and staying on their land.

Newly graduated youth meet the challenge of high unemployment with creativity and determination, working hard to create their own small projects.

Teachers strive to create a positive atmosphere for pupils in Gaza’s schools. But the children still suffer from the trauma of the ongoing military assaults and many act out with aggression or withdrawal.

For mothers, doctors, nurses, people in all walks of life, Gaza is a daily struggle with high poverty levels, closed borders, lack of medicine, food, and money.

But I clearly see the support MECA offers for people in Gaza from the north to the south.

I see the appreciation of your support on the faces of mothers and children when we distributed our warm coats and shoes…

…the gratitude of principals for our water units that provide clean water to children schools…

…the windows of hope we offer for the university students who are pursuing their dreams with scholarships…

I visited clinics and a hospital and heard about the patients whose lives and health were saved by MECA’s medical shipments and our emergency aid.

You are doing a great job, my friend. You teach the world that humanity cannot be divided and together we help in creating a new world for all of us, free of all sorts of injustices in a world we can share. It is not a dream. Together we can make it a reality.

MonaHappy New Year
From Gaza with love,
Mona El-Farra
MECA Gaza Director