PaliRoots campaign has raised more than $100,000!

Huge thanks to our partner PaliRoots for organizing this campaign benefiting MECA. All donations from the LaunchGood campaign will come directly to MECA and be used to provide nutritious meals for children in Gaza. We are in awe that in just a few days, almost 3000 people have donated for a total of more than $100,000! Thank you to PaliRoots for your ongoing support and to the generous PaliRoots community!

Check out the campaign and help PaliRoots raise more funds for Palestinian children!

“With the population of Gaza reaching close to 2 million and over 50% under the age of 18, it is our duty to help ease the living situation due to the ongoing siege in Gaza. Our work primarily focuses on children as they are the future hope for Palestine.

We partnered with the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) team to do a 3-month pilot program to research food and nutrient deficiency in four kindergartens in some of the poorest areas of the Gaza Strip. We found that among the 372 children at these kindergartens, 37% were anemic, 4.1% were stunted, 23% were at risk of stunting, 3% were underweight, 20.5% were overweight, and 14.2% were obese.

At the end of the pilot program, the results showed a significant improvement in the health of the children. This also increased their desire to attend school more regularly. Their attention and behavior improved as well. We are thrilled to continue this project and seeing the happy faces from the parents, teachers, and children makes us even more excited to continue this beautiful work.”