Dear Friend,

It is a lovely sunny morning at my home in Gaza. Children are laughing and hurrying on their way to school like children all over the world.

Above the children’s heads, the continuous buzzing of Israeli drones threatens another attack. Occasionally, the drones are interrupted by the very loud jet fighters. And the sounds of the fishermen’s boats being shot at by the Israeli navy.

I’m sorry to tell you that this is a “normal” day in Gaza.

I hope you will give again now to support the amazing projects throughout Palestine and in Lebanon’s refugee camps so that one day our children will have “normal” days of playing and learning.
A generous MECA donor will match your donation from now until December 31.
Double Your Donation

As many as 500,000 children in Gaza are suffering from the psychological impact of the latest assault against us last May. Many children show their distress by becoming violent at school, while teachers struggle to manage classrooms with up to 50 children.

More women are suffering from post-traumatic stress and domestic violence, hand in hand with tough poverty, no work, and very little income. The list of deprivations is too long to count.

Amidst all these hardships comes the bright side of life—the MECA projects that strengthen resilience, build resistance, and create a better future for people living under occupation and siege. I hope you will give them your support and solidarity again now.

I’m talking about the libraries that lend books and have dozens of classes for children and adults. The community centers where children play and heal. The food parcels that sustain families while supporting local farmers.

One new MECA project I’m very excited about will provide seed money for Palestinian women to start businesses keeping honeybees, growing herbs, raising livestock, selling fish, producing cosmetics, cleaning products, and more.

With your solidarity and your support, we can continue to fight poverty and oppression caused by the occupation, we can continue our struggle for our rights, for peace and justice in Palestine.

MonaFrom Gaza, with love,

Dr. Mona El-Farra

Gaza Projects Director

P.S. I was thrilled when MECA staff told me about the person who will match your donation up to $50,000 by December 31st. This means you can double your gift to the children and families in Gaza, throughout Palestine, and in Lebanon’s refugee camps. I want you to know how much your support means to me. Many, many thanks.