Girls running with joy during sports projectApril 5 is Children’s Day in Palestine

Join MECA’s Children’s Circle with a monthly gift to help us meet the needs of Palestinian children every day
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UPDATE: Thanks to the generous and quick response of many supporters around the world we are increasing our goal to get 60 new members for the Children’s Circle. Will you be one of them?

Your support of MECA makes it possible for Palestinian children and refugees from Syria to get many of the things every child needs and deserves.

Not just when their countries are in news headlines. With your help, MECA makes sure children’s needs are met all year, every year.

We couldn’t do that without you. That’s why I’m asking you to mark Children’s Day by joining MECA’s Children’s Circle with a monthly contribution.

I grew up in a refugee camp in the West Bank. Later I co-founded a community center and MECA was a key supporter. Unlike some other funders, MECA listened to us about what the children and youth needed—from dental care to dance classes.

Our partner organizations in Palestine and Lebanon are making sure children survive and have ways to experience the childhood that war and occupation have stolen from them.

Your contribution of just 85 cents a day—that’s $25 a month—could hire a social worker to work with traumatized children and their families in Gaza.

Just $5 a month could buy school supplies for a community center. That’s about 16 cents a day.

$100 a month could pay the tuition for a nursing student who will work in the community.

MECA provides the most basic things children need to grow up healthy and strong—food, medicine, clean water. But, I know you understand children need more than bare survival. When children get to play sports, make art, join a dance troupe, visit a library, and tell their own stories it can actually change the course of their lives.

I’ve seen it happen so many times.

Your monthly contribution is a real investment in Palestine’s future—nurturing new leaders, strengthening communities, creating spaces for children to experience childhood, and live in dignity.

Shukran (Thank you),

Zeiad Abbas Shamrouch
MECA Director

P.S. When you join the Children’s Circle with a monthly contribution of any amount, we’ll send you a special gift handmade by women in Gaza. Many thanks.