Nadia at a desk at her universityNadia is a 22-year-old, divorced mother with one small child. She is working toward a degree in physical therapy at Al-Azhar University. Despite living in difficult conditions with her extended family, she aims high in her studies and her ambitions.

“I believe that education is the best way to change my life for the better and, not only that, it will improve things for my family. In Gaza many factors make it difficult to do well at university. I sometimes have to miss lectures because I cannot afford to pay for transport and I cannot buy all the books that I need. We often have no electricity for many hours. And the attacks on Gaza during the summer of 2014 caused psychological problems, as well as physical damage. I did not expect to stay alive. I want to graduate with a good degree and then get part-time work so I can go on to do graduate studies. I want to develop my skills in English and I want to take some leadership and youth courses. I will also continue to use my skills as a volunteer, helping people. This scholarship changed my life.”