Mohammed tries on his new shoes

Despite the fatigue and hard work to distribute winter relief packages to children as soon as possible, I go back to my home every day so happy and excited.

We do not distribute clothes only .. We make smiles, spread warmth and fulfill the dreams of many children

Here, the dreams of children are very simple and often their greatest dream is to get warm clothes and comfortable shoes.

I remember when I was a child I was at my most happy when I get new shoes. I would wait impatiently for the next morning so I could go to school wearing them and show them to my friends and when I returned back my home I would clean and hide them.

When I visited Sanabel kindergarten a week ago to distribute the winter relief packages, Mohammed, one of the kindergarten children, asked me loudly, “Did you bring us shoes?” I answered enthusiastically “Yes!” and he jumped from his chair and said ” so I will go to my kindergarten every day, even on rainy days! I asked my mother for good shoes and she did not buy them.” You can not imagine the happiness of Mohammed wearing his new jacket and shoes, being carried from one classroom to another and showing them to his friends, I still remember him among the thousands of children who received our winter clothing packages.