Checking the medical shipment after it arrived in Gaza

In 2013, the UN released a report predicting that Gaza will be unlivable by 2020.

Sadly this is coming true. There is a great humanitarian crisis which overshadows all aspects of life. But the most life threatening is the lack of life-saving medicines.

For decades, MECA has been providing our partners in Gaza with shipments of medicine and medical supplies and each year it becomes more difficult.

I am glad to announce that after many months of hard work, we succeeded to buy and send medicine that we bought from SEDICO company in Egypt. The medications were all requested by doctors and pharmacists in Gaza and they will be used to treat patients by Al-Awda Hospital in Jabalia refugee camp, Ard Al-Insan Association in Gaza and the Palestinian Medical Relief Committees.

This medicine will have great impact on thousands of patients in Gaza during this very difficult time. On behalf of MECA, our partners, and the thousands of patients I would like to thank everybody who donated toward this shipment. By doing this you are part of the change and justice you want to see in the world.