You probably wouldn’t guess that I consider myself fortunate to have grown up in a Palestinian refugee camp.

Although the conditions were horrible, the children were fortunate because the women in the camp dedicated themselves to our survival, our education, and our future.

For that I am deeply grateful.

There are still great women in the camps who, with your support of MECA, are giving children today the kind of care and guidance that my generation got from our mothers and grandmothers.

Now, I’m asking you to make a special year-end contribution so MECA can continue to make sure refugee children survive and get what I call “a taste of childhood.”

Your year-end contribution will be matched by a generous group of MECA donors to give children clean water, medicine, nutritious food, electricity, education, warm clothes, and psychological help. You are also giving children chances to play sports, make art, sing in a choir, write stories, and much more.

Shukran (Thank you),

Zeiad Abbas Shamrouch
Executive Director

P.S. Above is a photo of some of the women who prepare meals for our Gaza Kindergarten Nutrition Project. I hope this gives you a sense of one way your support has a real and impact on so many young lives. Please give the most generous year-end gift you can afford. Many, many thanks.