We are still surrounded by bombed out buildings. Family homes are full of holes, letting the cold wind and rain inside. —Dr. Mona El-Farra, MECA Director of Gaza Projects

Each winter, MECA staff and partners in Gaza distributed locally-made warm clothing children to help keep them warm. In 2020, we distributed warm clothes, blankets and face masks to 2205 children.

We also buy rolls of plastic sheets to cover up homes with leaky roofs and broken windows.

Winter in Gaza

After many Israeli attacks and the ongoing siege, many families are still displaced and living in squalid conditions. During the winter months the broken windows, patched up roofs, and lack of electricity mean that there is no place warm and dry for many children.

Location: Gaza Strip

Thanks to our network of community organizations that we partner with, MECA's staff and volunteers along with partner center staff were able to distribute warm clothes to children in need throughout Gaza.

We purchased the clothing small factories in Gaza so that both the funds and the clothing will support families in Gaza where unemployment is 49% due to the Israeli occupation & siege and the coronavirus pandemic.

MECA Project Partners

Palestinian Association for Development and Heritage Protection
Never Stop Dreaming Association
ZamZam Water