Because of the deteriorating health situation in the Gaza Strip, we face a real challenge to provide medicine and services for anemic and malnourished children. Thanks to MECA and
other generous organizations donation of medicines for sick children we are able to continue to achieve our humanitarian mission.
—Dr. Younis Abu Al Noor, Ard Al Insan Child Nutrition Center

MECA sent a 6,000 pound shipment of medicine and supplies to Gaza. The shipment includes antibiotics, vitamins for children and pregnant women, pain medications, surgical supplies, hospital mattresses, and wheelchairs.

Gaza's Health Sector

After nearly ten years of a crippling siege on Gaza, many hospitals and clinics are running low on supplies and medicines. This shipment which included items requested by local organizations was packed and waiting for Israeli permission to enter Gaza for four months.

MECA Project Partners

The Red Crescent Society of the Gaza Strip, which runs three clinics in Gaza, and Ard Al-Insan Child Nutrition Center