“I’m proud of my work with Al-Jalil Center and this humanitarian project that will help refugees during winter. Also, I can depend on myself and support my mother and sister.”

— Ibtisam Mohammed Al Ahmad, a Palestinian refugee from Syria who spends most of her time at home caring for a disabled sister and her elderly mother. She joined the group because she wanted to be less isolated.

Providing Income and Aid for Children and Families

A group of Syrian and Palestinian refugee women in Lebanon came together at the Al-Jalil Center to crochet and knit warm clothing items for refugee children. Support from MECA enabled Al-Jalil to purchase yarn, provide training, and pay the women for their work. Four-hundred children in and around the refugee camp each received a winter kit from the project including a scarf, a pair of mittens, and a hat. Another 300 items were sold to raise funds to expand the project.

Winter in Lebanon

It gets very cold in Lebanon with icy wind and rain, and sometimes snow. You can imagine, how difficult—even dangerous—this is for refugees living in tents and flimsy shelters—especially infants and small children.

MECA Project Partner

Children of Al Jalil Center, Beqaa Valley , Lebanon