MECA proudly acts as the fiscal sponsor for Rawa: Creative Palestinian Communities Fund, a radically inclusive and open fund that values and mobilizes Palestinian creativity.

Rawa is a funding and support model that incentivizes civic engagement, funds creative solutions, and raises social capital among communities and grassroots organizations across Palestine.

In moments of political urgency, grassroots groups are the first to lead community mobilization, but are too often at the margins of philanthropy. Rawa brings progressive Palestinian community voices to the international philanthropy table, while at the same time working to fix a broken funding model.


Rawa's Pilot Phase

In an initial pilot, Rawa’s model entrusts local people to set funding priorities and allocate resources for innovative community development. Learn more about how Rawa aims to raise hope, build trust and dignity, and promote successful alternative local solutions generated by Palestinian communities, and sign up for email updates, by visiting Rawa’s website: