Dear Friend,

When we think about the lives of children in Palestine we don’t usually think of fun. We think of soldiers, settlers, checkpoints, military attacks, arrests, and home demolitions.

In the midst of these constant threats, children in Palestine, like children everywhere, look forward to a break from school, outings, and special activities.

That’s why each year, MECA gives children a chance to have fun and to learn things that they don’t learn in school.

I’m asking you to make a special contribution today so that our partners in Palestine can give children some time, as Hisham Sharabati in the besieged city of Hebron says, “away from psychological and physical threats.”

Of course, this year, children were stuck inside for months because of COVID as well as violent mobs in the streets and bombings in Gaza. But now infections are down, vaccinations are up, and MECA’s partner organizations have lots of exciting plans from the South Hebron Hills to East Jerusalem to Gaza.

Will you make a special contribution today to help MECA & our partners organize summer camps?

Children in three neighborhoods of Jerusalem will get time away from violent Israeli settlers who attack them regularly, and the Israeli police or soldiers who detain and arrest children.

Children of all ages will make art, learn traditional dance, go on day trips, make up stories, and play sports.

And while illegal settlements steal Palestinian water for large, luxurious swimming pools for their children, swimming is a very special treat for Palestinian children. For some kids summer camps that MECA’s partners organize are their only chance to swim.

You can’t imagine how such a simple thing can be the cause of such relief and delight.

In Gaza, we are organizing outdoor activities for children and families including summer concerts with local musicians at parks and playgrounds MECA has built over the years.

Palestinian children need so many things. One of the most important things that MECA can provide is the chance just to be children. Please, give them that chance again now.

With warm regards from Bethlehem, Palestine

Josie Shields-Stromsness
MECA Program Director

P.S. Our partners in Lebanon also run summer camps for Palestinian refugees and children who had to flee the war in Syria. Your contribution now will give children who have been deprived of so much the chance to have real summer fun. Many thanks.